Tag You're It BW EditionTag You're It BW Edition
Tag You're It BW Edition Editions Primary Supply of 20
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/20 secondaries available
Price 0.5 SOL
Editions remaining 17 / 20
Total~ 0.536 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Black and White Stencil Edition of diver tag, I've used Divers as a Symbol in my art for varying meanings, each person can interpret them anyway they want, or even just think it looks cool.
Secondary market
Secondary sales - Average secondary sale price - Secondary volume - Floor price -
Category street art
Royalties ChTh...wLrx 10%
Update authority ChTh...wLrx
Token address 3TAu...SKwF
Attributes Artist Brett Colby Mot... Edition 1 Size 2048 x 2048
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