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abstracted expression

abstracted expression



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Created for the #DAMswap event while listening to Autechre's "Oversteps," my favorite album from my favorite band. Acrylic paint, collage, soft pastel, charcoal, and watercolor pencil on 160 g/m² paper, 28cm x 21.5cm. Scanned at 600dpi, color-corre...
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HashesUpdate Authority: G1wj...HraV Token address: 3Ye2...Lh3M Royalties10 % G1wj...HraV Series descriptionMixed media (acrylic / collage / graphite / digital) works. I think of abstract art as a page from a journal where, instead of words, free expressions of shape, color, and contrast are used to record your mood, feelings, experience, and sense of plac...