Lurkers #019 Secondary
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The Lurkers
Last sold 118 SOL
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Description Lurkers #019. I Want to Show You Something. By artist Laura Connelly, known as iamlaurael.
Offer cancelled by sonofabeach23 a year ago
Offer made by sonofabeach23 a year ago
250 SOL $3,313.14
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Transfer from 0xMQ...xMQQ to 0xMQ...xMQQ a year ago
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Auction won by 0xMQ...xMQQ
a year ago
118 SOL $4,001.97
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Bid by 0xMQ...xMQQ a year ago
118 SOL $4,001.97
Category illustration
Royalties EP2a...gdMi 10%
Update authority EP2a...gdMi
Token address 1HUv...unPq
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