Futureum #05Futureum #05
Futureum #05 Secondary
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Last sold 0.61 SOL
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Description When we imagine the future, it is very similar to the past. To create something truly innovative, we need to go beyond the imagination. AI-generated, 2022 1550x1550px, 300 dpi
Auction won by CXVr...NFe4
a year ago
0.61 SOL $24.70
Bid by CXVr...NFe4 a year ago
0.61 SOL $24.70
3xfKLRPbZVMi8cwt8rmyueDKr17FcncUm1HJejPQkt1J thumbnail3xfKLRPbZVMi8cwt8rmyueDKr17FcncUm1HJejPQkt1J thumbnail
Bid by 3xfK...kt1J a year ago
0.46 SOL $19.54
Listing by 7LoG...7xSp a year ago
0.45 SOL $19.12
Artwork created by 7LoG...7xSp a year ago
Attributes 1/1 Edition AI Generated black Color calligraphy Decoration fashion Direction robot Type steampunk Style
Category algorithmic art
Royalties 7LoG...7xSp 10%
Update authority 7LoG...7xSp
Token address 2MFe...T9uX
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