Blink Secondary
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Last sold 54 SOL
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Description My taste changed after the jungle. I started to see complex chaos everywhere: at home, at work, in the subway. Their aesthetics are from a long time ago. Before Western structures dominated beauty. Miles knew it. I blink and they're there - I blink...
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Transfer from GddX...YH5h to HGEABC 4 months ago
Auction won by GddX...YH5h
a year ago
54 SOL $2,208.05
Bid by GddX...YH5h a year ago
54 SOL $2,208.05
Bid by 5oqS...DizB a year ago
48.41 SOL $1,979.48
Bid by GddX...YH5h a year ago
44 SOL $1,799.15
Category illustration
Royalties H78k...mJtp 10%
Update authority H78k...mJtp
Token address 2Qgi...Ubwg
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