Blakeney Point #2Blakeney Point #2
Blakeney Point #2 Secondary
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Chasing Stars
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Description Drifting Stars at Blakeny Point #2 is made up of 368 frames. Taken on a trip out to Blakeny Point on 07/07/22 I set the camera up looking down the River Glaven and used a remote shutter to take continuous photos for about 35 minuets, I then edited th...
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Transfer from Anonyra to Dq3E...LNGB a year ago
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Auction won by Anonyra
2 years ago
0.7 SOL $25.19
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Bid by Anonyra 2 years ago
0.7 SOL $25.19
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Bid by Brick Astly 2 years ago
0.5 SOL $17.99
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Listing by GARETH 2 years ago
0.5 SOL $19.81
Attributes Camera EOS R Lens 16mm What3Words bought.polygrap...
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