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Junky Broski
Last sold 1.12 $15.54
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Description Custom Junk Ape made with love from my heart and liver .
Royalties FZCF...L7Ca 5 %
Update authority FZCF...L7Ca
Token address 2jWT...9jB3
Categories Pixel Art
Attributes Junky Broski 1
Transfer from @7hQy...R74F to DCLN...gALd 3 months ago
Auction won by @7hQy...R74F
3 months ago
1.12 $15.54
Bid by @7hQy...R74F 3 months ago
1.12 $26.89
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Bid by @dboicapital 3 months ago
0.9 $21.81
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Bid by @Odd Skull 3 months ago
0.7 $16.96
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