Hebron primary
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Reserve price 15 SOL
Auction countdown will start once the reserve price trigger is met
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description “One day mother T3RRA had a series of dreams. In these dreams she gave life to the forms around her. The first living form was given the name Hebron.” Made with a personally customized and blended machine learning model. The combination of a model t...
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Auction created by EV3 3 months ago
15 SOL $342.75
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Listing cancelled by EV3 3 months ago
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Listing by EV3 4 months ago
30 SOL $735.90
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Artwork created by EV3 4 months ago
Categories AI Art
Royalties EZAd...NwDX 10 %
Update authority EZAd...NwDX
Token address 4Ahy...dYfd
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