Bluu FaelonBluu Faelon
Last sold 8.5 SOL
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Description An astral by birth, Lordrym would still contribute to earn his place within Grim society. Thus came to be two pairs of runners, imbued with magick and fashioned as quotidian commodity. A dazzling garment, it feels almost animated, ever pristine and w...
Auction won by 6fem5LEs
2 years ago
8.5 SOL $279.81
Bid by 6fem5LEs 2 years ago
8.5 SOL $283.37
Bid by 6fem5LEs 2 years ago
7.4 SOL $246.70
khenith grims thumbnailkhenith grims thumbnail
Bid by khenith grims 2 years ago
6.9 SOL $235.50
Lothar thumbnailLothar thumbnail
Bid by Lothar 2 years ago
3.5 SOL $119.45
Attributes Artist Anderson Bluu
Category illustration
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