Around The BendAround The Bend
Last sold 20 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Around the bend, finally out of the tree line, a vast landscape of rolling mountains becomes visible.
AlexKittoe thumbnailAlexKittoe thumbnail
Accepted offer by AlexKittoe
9 months ago
20 SOL $200.60
GlamPlastX thumbnailGlamPlastX thumbnail
Offer made by GlamPlastX 9 months ago
20 SOL $200.80
AlexKittoe thumbnailAlexKittoe thumbnail
Artwork created by AlexKittoe 9 months ago
Attributes Camera Minolta X-700 Film Stock Portra 400
Category photography
Royalties 6qmP...Y6Gf 10%
Update authority 6qmP...Y6Gf
Token address 4dCz...TaUF
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