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The Egg
Last sold 5 SOL Best offer 1.5 SOL $222.92
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Description Combining two previous styles of my work, "The Egg" is inspired by the artistic surrealism of Salvador Dali and the surrealist writings of Andrew Wier. The artwork is a first person view of what is inside the egg as it begins to crack. Is what we are...
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Purchased by italiancheff 10 months ago
5 SOL $78.13
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Offer made by paperthin a year ago
1.5 SOL $26.01
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Price updated by digibo 2 years ago
5 SOL $202.48
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Listing by digibo 2 years ago
10 SOL $370.85
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Purchased by digibo
2 years ago
1 SOL $39.97
Attributes Silver Token Airdropped upon...
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