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Description Chie never met his family and doesn’t remember how he got to Lakay. He’s been looking for a way out as far back as he can remember. A way out and a place to belong. He gets lost in thought, moving the pieces of his life around the board of his mind, ...
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Auction won by thejtisme
3 months ago
33.01 SOL $3,388.81
thejtisme thumbnailthejtisme thumbnail
Bid by thejtisme 3 months ago
33.01 SOL $3,388.15
wetiko thumbnailwetiko thumbnail
Bid by wetiko 3 months ago
30 SOL $3,079.80
Ermine thumbnailErmine thumbnail
Bid by Ermine 3 months ago
22 SOL $2,266.88
Dor3ann_W thumbnailDor3ann_W thumbnail
Bid by Dor3ann_W 3 months ago
21 SOL $2,161.53
Attributes Hobby Meditation Personality Pensive Region Unknown Role Strategy
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