Shadow Killer #64#Shadow Killer #64#
Shadow Killer #64# Secondary
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Samurai Assassin
Last sold 0.5 SOL
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Description Shadow Killer is a group of Ninja Clan that is very powerful and agile. Their strength is very different from each clan. They can also be paid to kill people who are their assassination targets. Lets choose which is the best assassin Ninja Clan. and...
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Auction cancelled by kaeyval a year ago
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1 SOL $33.25
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a year ago
0.5 SOL $16.97
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Bid by kaeyval a year ago
0.5 SOL $16.97
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Bid by merlin a year ago
0.3 SOL $10.05
Attributes 01 64 Assassin Assasin Clan Ninjutsu Killer Killer Ninja Ninja Shadow Killer
Category abstract
Royalties Bv7a...qtGb 12%
Update authority Bv7a...qtGb
Token address 5WmM...rRhU
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