4 Little Lightning⚡️
4 Little Lightning⚡️ secondary


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The progress
Last sold 0.15 $2.12
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Description 4 Little Lightning⚡️ is the second render of my collection named 'The Progress'. In this nft we can see 4 little lighning made of glass.
Royalties CVm1...Ls4b 10 %
Update authority CVm1...Ls4b
Token address 5dfM...Xsyc
Categories 3D Art Abstract Derivative Art
Attributes Colors Pink Orange Red Subject 4 Lightning Supply 1 of 1
J2GwcUgG9uz7AqLegyr9rAfN7kWSmCbJTBRgXeHG8jXB thumbnail
Transfer from J2Gw...8jXB to 6wm1...HEgZ 2 months ago
J2GwcUgG9uz7AqLegyr9rAfN7kWSmCbJTBRgXeHG8jXB thumbnail
Auction won by J2Gw...8jXB
2 months ago
0.15 $2.12
J2GwcUgG9uz7AqLegyr9rAfN7kWSmCbJTBRgXeHG8jXB thumbnail
Bid by J2Gw...8jXB 2 months ago
0.15 $2.11
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Listing by Valentin 2 months ago
0.1 $1.41
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Artwork created by Valentin 2 months ago
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