Lurkers #007Lurkers #007
Lurkers #007 Secondary
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The Lurkers
Last sold 40.31 SOL
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Description Lurkers #007. Clever Little Ruse. By artist Laura Connelly, known as iamlaurael.
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Offer cancelled by BrownBeardVault a year ago
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Offer made by BrownBeardVault a year ago
100 SOL $4,275.29
Offer cancelled by $erenityNFT a year ago
Offer made by $erenityNFT 1 years ago
3.25 SOL $392.27
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Transfer from Le DAO to 9weh...Wf5N 2 years ago
Category abstract
Royalties EP2a...gdMi 10%
Update authority EP2a...gdMi
Token address 6VVL...ee8Y
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