At Your Fingertips
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Last sold 2.5 $34.18
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Description At Your Fingertips Collage, Soviet magazine, check paper, printing on paper. Scan 4534х5367 px The original paper copy can be purchased by agreement. 230x195 mm
Royalties 2fwF...aN5V 15 %
Update authority 2fwF...aN5V
Token address 6dQt...dJJf
Categories Collage Glitch Art
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Transfer from @SUBI to @SUBI 2 months ago
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Auction won by @SUBI
2 months ago
2.5 $34.18
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Bid by @SUBI 2 months ago
2.5 $33.95
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Auction created by @Dmitry Martovsky 2 months ago
2.5 $34.25
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