#1 - CEO's Robotic Peace Arm#1 - CEO's Robotic Peace Arm
Last sold 3.69 SOL Best offer 4.5 SOL $91.26
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description CEO has grown to Emanate Peace without need for this state of the art Robotic Arm.
Offer made by 7Td6...dnML to zsecft 5 months ago
4.5 SOL $90.27
Auction won by zsecft
9 months ago
3.69 SOL $61.62
Bid by zsecft 9 months ago
3.69 SOL $61.77
Bid by 6WNd...FNtn 9 months ago
2.27 SOL $37.30
Deng thumbnailDeng thumbnail
Bid by Deng 9 months ago
2.211 SOL $36.00
Attributes TFLSI 1
Category collage
Royalties 4Yek...Ldxu 5%
Update authority 4Yek...Ldxu
Token address 7g8e...ghfZ
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