#1 - CEO's Robotic Peace Arm#1 - CEO's Robotic Peace Arm
Last sold 3.69 SOL Best offer 4.5 SOL $468.81
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description CEO has grown to Emanate Peace without need for this state of the art Robotic Arm.
Offer made by 7Td6...dnML to zsecft 10 months ago
4.5 SOL $90.27
Auction won by zsecft
a year ago
3.69 SOL $61.62
Bid by zsecft a year ago
3.69 SOL $61.77
Bid by 6WNd...FNtn a year ago
2.27 SOL $37.30
Deng thumbnailDeng thumbnail
Bid by Deng a year ago
2.211 SOL $36.00
Attributes TFLSI 1
Category collage
Update authority
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