No Silence #1004
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No Silence
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Description "Ninguém é responsável pela cor da pele. Esse fato da natureza não revela o caráter ou a qualidade da pessoa." Marian Anderson "No one is responsible for skin color. This fact of nature does not reveal a person's character or quality." Marian Anders...
Royalties 7A8g...jCwX 5 %
Update authority 7A8g...jCwX
Token address 86fF...szwj
Categories Street Art
Attributes Background Checkered green... Name Nelson Clothes Black Pattern Hair Root Braid Face Laughing Design colored geometr... Design 2 pink geometric Draft Music is life
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Auction created by atlancoelho 2 months ago
0.3 $7.07
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Artwork created by atlancoelho 2 months ago
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