Magic Bottle #4Magic Bottle #4
Magic Bottle #4 Secondary
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Magic Bottles.
Last sold 4 SOL
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Description I emptied out of my eyes the merciless stones that clung to my feet, the scars that everything i touched left on my hands, and all the emotions that pierced my mind. I thought i was crying. I was actually watering the seeds. I didn't know i was busy ...
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Listing cancelled by bicio a year ago
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Listing by bicio a year ago
16.96 SOL $414.06
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Auction won by bicio 2 years ago
4 SOL $53.34
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Bid by bicio 2 years ago
4 SOL $55.06
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Auction created by Merveliyigit 2 years ago
4 SOL $53.50
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