Mimpi #3Mimpi #3
Mimpi #3 Primary
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After Party
Price 15 SOL
Total~ 15.75 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description The trilogy of the "Dream" series. Starting from 2020 when the work entitled "Mimpi" appeared and continued in 2022 "Mimpi #2" and now in 2023 I was finally given the opportunity to be able to continue this long series "Mimpi #3". Still with the ini...
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Listing by Karim 2 months ago
15 SOL $369.45
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Auction cancelled by Karim 2 months ago
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Auction created by Karim 2 months ago
8 SOL $198.80
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Artwork created by Karim 2 months ago
Category figurative
Royalties FoVE...yvUc 15%
Update authority FoVE...yvUc
Token address 8N4H...pz1t
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