Kurlicue 1 Secondary
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Last sold 0.2 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description The Start.
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Artwork burned by KIRKY 5 months ago
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Auction won by KIRKY
a year ago
0.2 SOL $2.82
KIRKY thumbnailKIRKY thumbnail
Bid by KIRKY a year ago
0.2 SOL $2.88
Bid by 44x2...jxzm a year ago
0.1 SOL $1.24
Bollie thumbnailBollie thumbnail
Listing by Bollie a year ago
0.1 SOL $1.24
Category abstract
Royalties BqVN...KHdr 5%
Update authority BqVN...KHdr
Token address 8a9k...Spro
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