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Save the Bees NFTs
Last sold 12 SOL
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Description Feel good supporting a good cause and help save the bees with NFTs! This 1/1 Queen Bee is being auctioned off and 50% will go directly to the Bee Girl foundation!
Auction won by DMEE...GaVg
2 years ago
12 SOL $1,258.21
Bid by DMEE...GaVg 2 years ago
12 SOL $1,412.06
Bid by 13Pk...M2m5 2 years ago
10 SOL $1,176.72
Listing by 9b1V...N36T 2 years ago
10 SOL $1,152.83
Transfer from Ayca...Cqws to 9b1V...N36T 2 years ago
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