Chanel Rouge x KevChanel Rouge x Kev
Chanel Rouge x Kev Secondary
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@Kev The Cactus
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Summer Collection '22
Last sold 7 SOL
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Description Chanel Rouge x Kev. 2022.
Transfer from A9ha...zz1r to 7uxx...zLrv a year ago
Compound thumbnailCompound thumbnail
Transfer from Compound to A9ha...zz1r a year ago
Compound thumbnailCompound thumbnail
Auction won by Compound
a year ago
7 SOL $248.43
Compound thumbnailCompound thumbnail
Bid by Compound a year ago
7 SOL $248.43
GoXrilla thumbnailGoXrilla thumbnail
Bid by GoXrilla a year ago
5 SOL $182.66
Category fashion
Royalties GZiZ...WVMP 10%
Update authority GZiZ...WVMP
Token address 8mDx...6BHz
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