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Dirty Dishes
Last sold 0.8 SOL
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Description You have a polluted mind and as if that wasn't enough, it's being bathed in fire by the devil. You seem to say "Doesn't fire remove dirt? Isn't that some sort of cleansing?". Will you be able to have a thought that can be polluted when the fire turns...
Offer cancelled by 2G1D...oLut 2 years ago
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Auction won by Ohareyoufat 2 years ago
0.8 SOL $27.26
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Bid by Ohareyoufat 2 years ago
0.8 SOL $27.26
Bid by 2G1D...oLut 2 years ago
0.7 SOL $23.14
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Auction created by eloy 2 years ago
0.6 SOL $20.94
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