Futureum #07Futureum #07
Futureum #07 primary
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Price 2.9 SOL
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Description The ancient civilizations of pre-Columbian America, the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Maya, built observatories, studied the stars and had the most complex sky maps and calendars for several millennia. Could they imagine the world we live in and the tec...
Listing by 7LoG...7xSp 9 months ago
2.9 SOL $98.81
Auction cancelled by 7LoG...7xSp 9 months ago
Listing by 7LoG...7xSp 10 months ago
0.61 SOL $25.72
Artwork created by 7LoG...7xSp 10 months ago
Attributes 1/1 Edition AI Generated robot Type steampunk Style black Color
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