Color ownership is a fraudColor ownership is a fraud
Color ownership is a fraud secondary
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Let's get physical
Last sold 140 SOL $3,934.87
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Description 1/1 NFT from original oil painting Oil paint and oil stick on unstretched canvas 200 x 153 cm (78,7 x 60,2”) 08/2022 Barcelona, Spain Primary collector receives the canvas unstretched and rolled, shipped worldwide
Transfer from FAWm...3DhW to thok 6 months ago
Transfer from thok to FAWm...3DhW 6 months ago
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Accepted offer by Lisanne Haack
7 months ago
140 SOL $3,934.87
Offer made by thok 7 months ago
140 SOL $3,934.87
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Artwork created by Lisanne Haack 7 months ago
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