#3 Destination | Ziel#3 Destination | Ziel
#3 Destination | Ziel Secondary
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Wormhole Collection
Last sold 0.4 SOL
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Description Deep dive into another type of world. Every brushstroke was taken by hand. This is a complete 1 of 1 artwork. Enjoy the ride. -AyeM
Auction won by viksit
7 months ago
0.4 SOL $8.18
Bid by viksit 8 months ago
0.4 SOL $9.17
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Auction created by AyeM 10 months ago
0.4 SOL $5.44
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Artwork created by AyeM a year ago
Category abstract
Royalties FX7o...beXM 12%
Update authority FX7o...beXM
Token address 9PD9...YRVr
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