Fly HighFly High
Last sold 2.3 SOL
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Description Inner-Periphery Chapter 2 | WAGMI and to the moon, or just expectations? | Luthfi Satya 2022
Transfer from DUdi...oGAh to CYqp...xUjp a year ago
Auction won by DUdi...oGAh
a year ago
2.3 SOL $74.68
Bid by DUdi...oGAh a year ago
2.3 SOL $74.68
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Bid by searching a year ago
2 SOL $61.65
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Listing by Luthfi Satya a year ago
2 SOL $61.65
Category abstract
Royalties 6zTx...tVeP 10%
Update authority 6zTx...tVeP
Token address 9R93...mb9p
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