Innocent huesInnocent hues
Price 5 SOL
Total~ 5.125 SOL
Last sold 0.69 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description "In the gallery of aspirations, truth hurts."
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Listing by tokioflo 10 days ago
5 SOL $768.35
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Auction won by tokioflo
7 months ago
0.69 SOL $74.19
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Bid by tokioflo 7 months ago
0.69 SOL $75.49
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Auction created by DVK the artist 7 months ago
0.69 SOL $76.14
Attributes Artist DVK Format JPEG Resolution 10752 x 7168 Size 18.7 MB Style Artistic Augmen... Upscaling method DVKupscaling Year 2023
Category ai art
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