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Hometown by Châtelain

Hometown by Châtelain

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The second last. The basis for this piece is my biggest painting in this series, this was created on a canvas measuring 320cm by 140cm / 126" by 55". For this piece I tried to put in much of what I've learned and discovered during the creation of this series, I hope I created a unique and personal work of art that can be enjoyed looking at for a longer period of time. Because of the size of the original canvas I feel like there is a lot to let the eyes take in, from the depth in the streets on the left, the train passing by, the tranquil waters, the boats floating on it and more. With the music I did my best to create an accompanying soundtrack that strengthens the vibe of what it would be like to stand there. Because of the size of this panorama and all the details, I created it in a high resolution of 4982 × 2160 to be enjoyed. Camille
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