"Modern Times" Curated 1/1 FF04"Modern Times" Curated 1/1 FF04
"Modern Times" Curated 1/1 FF04 Secondary
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Eko33 - Generative art
Last sold 14.1 SOL
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Description Deterministic generative art based on crypto hash seeds. Maximizing algorithmic diversity. Generative art created by Eko33. This is the curated 1/1 of the collection Modern Times.
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Purchased by Ryland Close 2 years ago
14.1 SOL $468.82
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Listing by Electric Sunrise 2 years ago
14.1 SOL $478.50
Purchased by DznQ...K8Jd 2 years ago
11 SOL $1,237.29
Eko33 thumbnailEko33 thumbnail
Listing by Eko33 2 years ago
10 SOL $1,018.29
Category algorithmic art
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