Anthitesis No. 5Anthitesis No. 5
Anthitesis No. 5 Primary
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@Ikal Laki
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Price 11.11 SOL
Total~ 11.666 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Collection of abstract paintings that were treated digitally creating a contrasted parallelism of the original piece. * First Collector of each piece will receive a google drive link through e-mail or private message in twitter, to be able to downlo...
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Listing by Ikal Laki 8 months ago
11.11 SOL $230.20
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Artwork created by Ikal Laki 8 months ago
Category painting
Royalties Tmcu...RFUD 15%
Update authority Tmcu...RFUD
Token address AHiv...7aCq
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