Noun LisaNoun Lisa
Noun Lisa #27 Secondary Edition number 27 View master edition
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Price 8 SOL
Total~ 8.2 SOL
Last sold 2.3 SOL
This artwork's info is set in stone - the artist can't change it!
Description A set of 40 editions, Pixel Reinterpretation made by Marculinopng and inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Nouns web culture.
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Offer cancelled by ebro 10 months ago
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Offer made by ebro a year ago
3.5 SOL $71.12
Listing by alkine a year ago
8 SOL $112.60
Purchased by alkine
a year ago
2.3 SOL
Price updated by CRzv...UoBo a year ago
2.3 SOL
Category pixel art
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