AfTeR ThE StArry NiGhT.
AfTeR ThE StArry NiGhT. secondary


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The PasT.
Last sold 4.7 $110.17
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Description Artist: AmeT Year: 2023 Medium: Digital Painting Format: .jpg Dimensions: 6000× 5000 px A Digital painting based on "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh.
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Auction won by @CNjU...sEy8
4 days ago
4.7 $110.17
CNjUuXWcGrx1VUC2QdBozwNak1F4PatjxvAwXhXrsEy8 thumbnail
Bid by @CNjU...sEy8 4 days ago
4.7 $110.64
Jake-Andrew thumbnail
Bid by @Jake-Andrew 5 days ago
4.2 $97.06
Lopez thumbnail
Bid by @Lopez 5 days ago
3.69 $84.43
the3lder thumbnail
Bid by @the3lder 5 days ago
3 $73.41
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