Queen of Hearts 1/1Queen of Hearts 1/1
Queen of Hearts 1/1 primary
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colourful Lust
Reserve price 3 SOL
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Description 3d_xploreID - Profile picture art - 1/1 art piece - The Queen of heart floating in colourful vices. My first 1/1 from a serie of 10 colourful portraits Made with Cinema4d and Redshift3d
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Auction created by 3d_xploreID 3 months ago
3 SOL $70.29
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Artwork created by 3d_xploreID 3 months ago
Categories 3D Art Fashion Illustration
Royalties F4WY...WcTP 5 %
Update authority F4WY...WcTP
Token address BDAG...qjUZ
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