Le DAO #033Le DAO #033
Le DAO #033 Secondary
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Founders Collection
Last sold 500 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description The Closer
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Ravimonke thumbnailRavimonke thumbnail
Transfer from Ravimonke to Ravimonke a year ago
Ravimonke thumbnailRavimonke thumbnail
Purchased by Ravimonke
a year ago
500 SOL $15,017.95
Price updated by DzzJ...4uGA a year ago
500 SOL $15,570.61
Listing by DzzJ...4uGA a year ago
549.69 SOL $17,919.89
MilstGuga thumbnailMilstGuga thumbnail
Transfer from MilstGuga to DzzJ...4uGA a year ago
Category illustration
Royalties 7UeL...8nt8 7.5% DCFW...qBrj 7.5%
Update authority 7UeL...8nt8
Token address Bv3p...Fbd9
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