“Everyday Commute”“Everyday Commute”
“Everyday Commute” Primary
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Through Another’s Lens
Price 3 SOL
Total~ 3.15 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Photo by Deported Photographer Edited by Kirk Englehardt This Lens Alliance NFT can be used or displayed in any setting physical or virtual. However this license provides no right to commercial merchandising or distribution.
Listing by 5wpD...XuUo a year ago
3 SOL $301.92
Artwork created by 5wpD...XuUo a year ago
Attributes Black and White Black and White Collaboration Collaboration Photography Photography
Category photography
Royalties 5wpD...XuUo 15%
Update authority 5wpD...XuUo
Token address By1U...hwkJ
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