CUBO blob #40
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CUBO blob
Price 420
Last sold 6 $204.56
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description CUBO blob is the first official CUBO collection featuring fluid abstract art. Each edition is hand drawn and completely unique. CUBO is a collection of abstract art made by 18 year old Vincenzo Pagnotta. Learn more about the collection and the artist...
Royalties Afw4...PKAW 10 %
Update authority Afw4...PKAW
Token address CzDD...t76K
Categories Abstract
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Price updated by CryptoScuderia 11 days ago
420 $8,656.20
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Price updated by CryptoScuderia 2 months ago
116 $2,855.92
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Listing by CryptoScuderia 3 months ago
100 $1,431.00
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6 months ago
6 $204.56
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Bid by CryptoScuderia 6 months ago
6 $204.56