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Degen BONKz
Reserve price 20
Auction ends in6h 8m 57s
Minimum bid is 20. Happy bidding!Use
Uses ending phase in last 30 minutes Bids must be at least 5% higher and 5 minutes will remain after each bid.
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Description Artist: Degen Poet Year: 2023 Medium: Typewriter + Watercolor Scan Format: .png Dimensions: 6000 × 6000 px An inu merged with a typewriter. 50% of the primary sales were used to buy & burn Bonk. Transaction ID:3ce8arBk1zrPqjdFFhtHN6r3aedP2jKu715anX...
Attributes id 5 created 2022-01-05 bonk burned 86854558.71 bonk block 171025189
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Auction created by @thingsofthingscollector 2 days ago
20 $488.80
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Listing cancelled by @thingsofthingscollector 2 days ago
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Price updated by @thingsofthingscollector 7 days ago
650.00M $741.00
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Listing by @thingsofthingscollector 10 days ago