Price 30 SOL
Last sold 22 SOL $741.66
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Little Paper and his homie Puff make magic!
Listing by zYjk...wnBF 6 months ago
30 SOL $427.80
Listing cancelled by zYjk...wnBF 7 months ago
Listing by zYjk...wnBF 7 months ago
55 SOL $1,695.46
Purchased by zYjk...wnBF
8 months ago
22 SOL $741.66
Offer cancelled by DKsNFTs 9 months ago
Attributes Golden None
Categories Collage
Royalties 7Hwz...H7p5 20 %
Update authority 7Hwz...H7p5
Token address DeYk...sttq
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