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Merizon City
Last sold 1.49 $24.02
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Description 1/1 Anime Punk in the city of Merizon
Royalties 8x5y...3L8D 10 %
Update authority 8x5y...3L8D
Token address DtzM...a5w6
Categories AI Art
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Transfer from @G13collection to 9ZPv...GvLq 18 days ago
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Auction won by @G13collection
18 days ago
1.49 $24.02
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Bid by @G13collection 18 days ago
1.49 $24.06
C6AaaJySWfmNuvhSwnvDVJbNafrnNBW9odZi2iyNKiSK thumbnail
Bid by @C6Aa...KiSK 18 days ago
1.35 $22.19
Bid by @moeV...jWLw 18 days ago
1.25 $20.70
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