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The Golden Latrina Network was created on 28 September 2021, modeled by Loreng & sonically refined by Atmaji. In the driest inhabited continent, there are societies that called themselves 'The Latrina'. For centuries they had been cast out by the people of the Santuari Planet, forced to adapt to the extreme heat of the wasteland and their communication system has been cut out from the outer world. A Golden Latrina Network has emerged, one of the hyper-advanced species of its kind, they are now trying for the first time to reconnect with the rest of the metaverse. Instead of giving up their life, they seem to manage how to survive and evolve to a higher form of life, more capable of taking care of their own shit. /// Soilets are digital collectibles of 30 unique audiovisual Toilets vibing on the Solana blockchain. As a homage to the greatest sanitation revolution in the past 200 years and as the symbol of the degradation of the inner self, 5 Toilets minted biweekly until the end of November 2021 in the auction format. /// Visual by Loreng & Audio by Root Network.
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