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This is my genesis piece for Exchange Art. From a sunny calm day in Sydney to a cold misty day off the Kerama Islands in Okinawa. To the islands of Hawaii the humpback whale sings across all our oceans. In the north sea, feeding, enjoying the cooler waters singing about memories of olden times when whales were hunted, and what that felt like. Oh wait we still hunt whales. They encounter dangers from our shipping and our waste. Whales sing and swim in the open waters around the world. Let's keep them safe. Sound Design by Chris Turner Original Painting and Animation by Stephanie Fuller As I begin to mint my full Catalogue Raisonné of artwork on the blockchain I realise that the task ahead will take years. I believe I am the first or one of the first artists to use the blockchain and NFTs as a Catalogue Raisonné. My different genres of work from over four decades are on different chains. Here on Exchange Art I am minting my animated paintings.
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