In the Land of Plenty
In the Land of Plenty


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Advice in Abstract

Advice in Abstract

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Abstract piece created in a quiet stateroom onboard a an older gentleman reflecting on wealth, or rather what defines it. He is not concerned with the accumulation of riches, the pursuit of trivial things…no. He finds affluence in the raucous bark of a friend’s laughter, the pat-pat-pat of wobbly steps made by a toddler gaining footing in this world, the rich taste of a cool mango. He chooses Golden, not gold. Golden is the proper name, a color Byzantine in its storied history. A color used, across ages, across Empires, to represent prominence, abundance, wealth. Golden is stiff in character, but malleable in form. Smeared, quite liberally, onto the canvas, Golden dazzles. Green is also present, as is Blue…both elegant in their rich hues, but Golden….Golden is the Belle of the Ball. Each color vies for attention, lustful in their pursuit of regard. Here is gathered a feast of colors, an embarrassment of riches. He lays down the brush, dizzy, and decides he’s had enough.
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