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The Lurkers
Last sold 65 $3,123.65
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Description Lurkers #015. Not Like the Others. For all of time they've hunted as one, But what if those bonds are coming undone, One is beginning to feel different, not like the others, What is this feeling that's drawing him from his brothers? By artist Laura...
Auction won by HGESOL
8 months ago
65 $3,123.65
Bid by HGESOL 8 months ago
65 $3,226.39
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Bid by JakeWhiskey 8 months ago
60 $2,978.21
Bid by Dk2q...qNT1 8 months ago
45 $2,233.66
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Bid by JakeWhiskey 8 months ago
40 $1,985.47
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