BLOB 14 Secondary
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Price 75.69 SOL
Total~ 77.583 SOL
Last sold 0.75 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description BLOB is a collection of fluid abstract art, all 50 being hand drawn in 2022 made by 18 year old Vincenzo Pagnotta, a student at Parsons School of Design. The collection is created in a set color palette (excluding the final 7 blobs), allowing the who...
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Price updated by A41G...vxHE a year ago
75.69 SOL
Listing by A41G...vxHE a year ago
69.69 SOL
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Transfer from brad_b to Kadense 2 years ago
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Auction won by brad_b
2 years ago
0.75 SOL $33.49
Category abstract
Royalties Afw4...PKAW 10%
Update authority Afw4...PKAW
Token address GnS7...MBuY
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