Social AnxietySocial Anxiety
Social Anxiety #36 Secondary Edition number 36 View master edition
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Price 4.33 SOL
Total~ 4.439 SOL
Last sold 0.1 SOL
This artwork's info is set in stone - the artist can't change it!
Description Poster designed for Alejandro Javaloyas' first digital solo show 'Social Anxiety'. A show souvenir and blockchain marker of the exhibition.
Listing by sMAw...TwKA a year ago
4.33 SOL $137.00
Edition purchased by sMAw...TwKA
a year ago
0.1 SOL $3.16
Category collage
Royalties 4roN...nxrg 10%
Update authority 4roN...nxrg
Token address Gvwi...Meti
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