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@Degen Poet
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Degen Bonks
Price 1.30B BONK
Last sold 16.52 SOL $274.89
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description Artist: Degen Poet Year: 2023 Medium: Typewriter Scan Format: .png Dimensions: 3000 × 1688 px A Bonkz stuck in the matrix. 50% of the primary sales were be used to buy & burn Bonk. Transaction ID: 3NYmEkcKKGaLCpktJMMTU6iA1VkTvqBNkSSqbuEzvKVUgpkVNZ...
Listing by 4hDN...SfMT 4 months ago
1.30B BONK $1,196.60
Transfer from HtCy...umsK to 4hDN...SfMT 4 months ago
Transfer from 4hDN...SfMT to HtCy...umsK 5 months ago
Auction won by 4hDN...SfMT
5 months ago
16.52 SOL $274.89
Bid by 4hDN...SfMT 5 months ago
16.52 SOL $273.74
Attributes id 9 created 2023-01-12 bonk burned 153175172.82 bonk block 172311366
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