Abstract Brushwork #6
Abstract Brushwork #6 secondary


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Abstract Brushwork
Last sold 0.1 $2.37
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Description Abstract strokes on canvas, intended to convey the beauty of art as it is meant to be, visually attractive.
Royalties 6nR4...kovc 10 %
Update authority 6nR4...kovc
Token address H7ut...TLtw
Categories Abstract
Auction won by @Josh_22
3 days ago
0.1 $2.37
Bid by @Josh_22 4 days ago
0.1 $2.47
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Auction created by @chairman 7 days ago
0.1 $2.51
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Listing cancelled by @chairman 7 days ago
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Listing by @chairman 12 days ago
10.00M $13.80
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