#8 - Prototype Toji-t2 Transport#8 - Prototype Toji-t2 Transport
Last sold 5.16 SOL
The artist can update this artwork's info.
Description !BROKEN SELLING FOR PARTS! The original Luggable Prototype Tojiba Toji-t2 Transport As you can see the keyboard has been removed / partially gutted and turned into an ashtray. It was used for many years as the 4th floor ashtray but we have recently ...
Listing by organic 5 months ago
2222 SOL $46,608.02
Auction won by organic
8 months ago
5.16 SOL $121.52
Bid by organic 8 months ago
5.16 SOL $118.58
enjoiooor thumbnailenjoiooor thumbnail
Bid by enjoiooor 8 months ago
4.91 SOL $112.93
Bid by organic 8 months ago
4.67 SOL $107.60
Attributes TFLSI 8
Category collage
Royalties 4Yek...Ldxu 5%
Update authority 4Yek...Ldxu
Token address HGjN...piTj
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